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New projects

Uppsala STS/Department of Economic history has received a PhD position in relation to Uppsala Antibiotic Centre (UAC), established in 2015. The specific project will start in autumn 2017 and concern contextual changes affecting university/institute antibacterial research 1980-2010. Project leader: Alexandra Waluszewski.


Welcome to the Swedish STS Conference 2018!

Theme: Knowledge and Value

When: August 30-31 2018

Where: Uppsala University

Organisers: Alexandra Waluszewski, Ylva Hasselberg, Sven Widmalm, Jens Eklinder-Frick, Daniel Normark, Ingemar Petterssson och Elin Löfgren. (Uppsala STS/Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen och Institutionen för Idé- och lärdomshistoria, Uppsala Universitet.)

More information: (about presentations, sessions, etc.) will be presented in early 2018…


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